Inter Caste Inter Religious Marriage

In today’s society intermingling between people from different castes is happening at different forums, be it for education, be it professionally. Thus it should not be a matter of grave consequence when marriage arrangements also involve such intermingling.

The Special Marriage Act mandates certain pre-conditions essential for any marriage to be solemnized under this law.

This legal provision is indeed a massive step towards a ‘broad-minded society’. Hindu Law has no stringent provisions regarding inter caste marriage as such, however Muslim Law clearly does.

The youth of today are quite receptive to the idea of inter-caste/ inter-religion marriage.

Thus the real impediment is in altering the mind set of family elders. India has progressed significantly in terms of inter-caste marriages being on the rise.

However this is still not embraced very well by people at large and we have a long way to go to rid our society of all prejudiced and pre-conceived notions, to widen our outlook.

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