Empowering NRI Spouses: Women’s Specific Rights Simplified

NRI spouses, particularly women, possess specific rights aimed at safeguarding their well-being and dignity. Here’s a straightforward breakdown of these rights:

1. Right against Physical, Sexual, and Economic Exploitation: NRI women have the right to be protected from physical, sexual, and economic exploitation. This includes abuse, coercion, and financial manipulation by their spouses or family members.

2. Right to Compensation against Desertion: In cases of desertion by their spouses, NRI women have the right to seek compensation. This legal recourse ensures that they are not left without financial support or resources to sustain themselves and their children.

3. Right to Custody of Children: NRI mothers have the right to keep children below 5 years of age under their custody. This ensures that young children are provided with the care and nurturing they need during their formative years.

4. Right to Matrimonial Presents and Streedhan: NRI women have the right to retain matrimonial presents and streedhan (gifts given during marriage). These belongings rightfully belong to them and can be reclaimed if necessary.

5. Right against Dowry: NRI women are protected by law against the practice of dowry, which involves the exchange of gifts or money at the time of marriage. This right ensures that marriages are based on mutual respect and love, rather than financial transactions.

6. Right against Cruelty and Domestic Violence: NRI women have the right to live free from cruelty, bodily harassment, torture, and domestic violence. Legal provisions exist to hold perpetrators accountable and provide support to victims.

Understanding and asserting these rights is essential for NRI women to live with dignity, security, and autonomy. By recognizing and upholding these rights, society can create a safer and more equitable environment for all individuals, irrespective of their marital status or nationality.

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