From Single to Married: The Role of Conversion Marriage Affidavits


THIS AGREEMENT is made at New Delhi on this 24th day of August, 2023, between Sh. ______ S/o. Sh. __________ R/o. _______, Madanpur Khadar, P.S. Sarita Vihar, New Delhi  is the First Party as HUSBAND AND Ms. _____ D/o. Late Sh. _______R/o. _______ Madanpur Khadar, P.S. Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, is the Second Party as WIFE.

WHEREAS both the parties has solemnized the marriage in Temple before GOD and has confirmed this marriage with this agreement.

AND WHEREAS both the parties will live as husband and wife and will be bound to each other all duties and rights of husband and wife, according to Hindu Law.

AND WHEREAS both the parties will live happily in future and if any disputes arise between both the parties they have rights according to Hindu Law for separation and divorce.

IN WITNESS WHERE OF both the parties have subscribed their respective hands on these presents on the pace, date , month and year first above mentioned in the presence of following witnesses.









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