Law Commission Advocates Compulsory Registration of NRI and OCI Marriages

In a bid to address growing concerns surrounding the authenticity and legal recognition of marriages involving Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) individuals, the Law Commission has put forward a significant recommendation.

In its 287th report, the Commission suggests mandatory registration of such marriages, aiming to enhance accountability and protect the rights of spouses.

Proposed Revisions to the Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Bill, 2019:

The Law Commission’s proposal involves revising the pending Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Bill, 2019, to incorporate provisions for compulsory registration of marriages involving NRIs and OCIs.

This legislative amendment seeks to bridge existing gaps in the legal framework and ensure that marriages within these demographics are duly recognized and recorded.

Rationale Behind the Recommendation:

Several factors have prompted the Law Commission to advocate for mandatory registration of NRI and OCI marriages. These include reports of fraudulent marriages, concerns regarding the enforcement of spousal rights, and the need to streamline legal procedures for marital unions involving individuals residing outside India.

By mandating registration, the Commission aims to provide greater clarity, transparency, and legal protection to parties involved in such marriages.

Ensuring Accountability and Protection:

Compulsory registration of NRI and OCI marriages is envisaged as a mechanism to enhance accountability and safeguard the interests of spouses. By creating a formal record of these unions, authorities can effectively address issues related to marital disputes, inheritance rights, and immigration matters.

Additionally, mandatory registration serves as a deterrent against fraudulent practices, thereby fostering trust and confidence in the institution of marriage.

Next Steps:

With the Law Commission’s recommendation on the table, the onus now lies on policymakers and legislative bodies to consider and enact the proposed revisions to the Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Bill, 2019.

This process entails a thorough review of existing laws and consultations with stakeholders to ensure that the revised legislation effectively addresses the concerns and objectives outlined by the Commission.


The Law Commission’s advocacy for mandatory registration of NRI and OCI marriages reflects a proactive approach towards enhancing legal clarity, accountability, and protection in the realm of marital unions.

By recommending revisions to the existing legislative framework, the Commission seeks to uphold the rights and interests of individuals involved in such marriages, thereby contributing to the overall integrity and fairness of the legal system.

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