Muslim Court Marriage in Delhi | Muslim Court Marriage in Delhi NCR

Documents Required

Completing a Muslim court marriage in Delhi or Delhi NCR requires the submission of specific documents to ensure the legality and authenticity of the union. Here’s a list of essential documents needed for the process:

1. Date of Birth Proof:

  • Documentary evidence of the date of birth of both parties is essential for age verification. Acceptable documents include Matriculation certificates, Birth certificates, or passports.

2. Age Requirement:

  • Both parties must meet the minimum age requirement at the time of court marriage. The legal age for girls is 18 years, while for boys, it is 21 years, as per the Special Marriage Act.

3. Residential Address Proof:

  • Proof of residential address is necessary for both parties. This can be demonstrated through documents such as ration cards or other government-issued residence certificates.

4. Photographs:

  • Two passport-size photographs of each party are required for identification purposes. Additionally, one marriage photograph may be needed for documentation.

5. Divorce Certificate (if applicable):

  • In cases where either party has been previously married and divorced, a divorce certificate must be provided as proof of the dissolution of the previous marriage.

6. Death Certificate (if applicable):

  • If one of the parties is a widow or widower, they must present the death certificate of their deceased spouse as part of the documentation process.

Ensuring the availability and accuracy of these documents is crucial for a smooth and successful Muslim court marriage in Delhi or Delhi NCR. By adhering to the legal requirements and submitting the necessary paperwork, couples can proceed with their marriage registration with confidence and ease.

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