NRI Court Marriage in Delhi NCR & Ghaziabad Under the Hindu Marriage Act

For Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) planning to solemnize their marriage in Delhi NCR or Ghaziabad under the Hindu Marriage Act, the process is streamlined and efficient. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the procedure:

1. Consultation with a Professional Lawyer:

  • The first step is to hire a professional lawyer experienced in NRI court marriages. Schedule 1-2 consultancy sessions with your lawyer to understand the process and requirements.

2. Documentation and Paperwork:

  • Your lawyer will guide you through the paperwork and documentation required for the NRI court marriage. Ensure you gather all necessary documents such as proof of identity, age, and residential address.

3. Application at the Court:

  • Visit the designated court along with your lawyer to apply for your NRI marriage. Submit the completed application form and all supporting documents to the registrar.

4. Appointment with the Registrar:

  • After submitting the application, the registrar will provide an appointment date, usually within 2 days. Attend the appointment at the specified time along with your lawyer and all required documents.

5. Document Verification:

  • During the appointment, the registrar will verify all documents submitted by the couple. This includes confirming the authenticity of identity, age, and residential address proofs.

6. Issuance of Marriage Certificate:

  • Upon successful verification of documents, the registrar will issue a globally accepted marriage certificate to the couple. This certificate serves as legal proof of their marriage and is recognized internationally.


Navigating the process of NRI court marriage in Delhi NCR and Ghaziabad under the Hindu Marriage Act is made seamless with the assistance of a professional lawyer.

At Legal Light Consulting, part of our instant court marriage services, we ensure that couples receive expert guidance and support throughout the process. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a legally recognized and blissful marriage.

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