The Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indian Bill, 2019: A Measure to Curtail Fraudulent Marriages

The phenomenon of fraudulent marriages involving Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) has been a longstanding concern for both Indian authorities and the diaspora community. To address this issue, the Law Commission of India proposed “The Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indian Bill, 2019,” aimed at mandating the registration of NRI marriages to prevent exploitation and ensure legal recognition.

Background: The complexities surrounding NRI marriages often stem from the lack of a formal registration process, which creates loopholes for fraudulent activities. Many NRIs exploit this gap to engage in deceptive marriages, often abandoning or mistreating their spouses after obtaining financial or immigration benefits. These cases not only inflict emotional trauma but also pose legal challenges for the affected parties.

Key Provisions of the Bill:

  1. Mandatory Registration: The bill proposes compulsory registration of marriages involving one or both NRI individuals. This requirement aims to create a legal record of such unions, facilitating easier verification and recourse in case of disputes or abandonment.
  2. Registration Authorities: The bill outlines the establishment of designated registration authorities responsible for overseeing the registration process. These authorities would maintain a centralized database of NRI marriages, enhancing transparency and accountability.
  3. Jurisdictional Clarity: To address jurisdictional issues prevalent in cross-border marriages, the bill delineates clear guidelines regarding the applicable jurisdiction for registration and adjudication of disputes. This provision seeks to streamline legal proceedings and expedite resolution for aggrieved parties.
  4. Penal Provisions: Recognizing the gravity of fraudulent marriages, the bill incorporates stringent penal provisions for individuals found guilty of perpetrating such acts. Penalties may include fines, imprisonment, or both, serving as a deterrent against fraudulent practices.

Rationale and Implications: The proposed bill underscores the imperative to safeguard the rights and interests of individuals involved in NRI marriages. By mandating registration and implementing robust regulatory mechanisms, the legislation aims to curb fraudulent activities, promote accountability, and ensure equitable treatment for all parties.

Furthermore, the bill aligns with India’s commitment to upholding the sanctity of marriage and protecting vulnerable populations from exploitation. By addressing the lacunae in existing legal frameworks, it reinforces the rule of law and fosters trust in the justice system.

Conclusion: “The Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indian Bill, 2019” represents a proactive step towards addressing the challenges associated with NRI marriages. By institutionalizing the registration process and imposing penalties for fraudulent conduct, the legislation seeks to uphold the integrity of marriage and safeguard the rights of individuals within the diaspora community. It is hoped that through concerted efforts and effective implementation, the bill will contribute to a more transparent, equitable, and accountable framework for regulating NRI marriages in India.

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