Court Marriage Rules and Procedure in Delhi 2024

Court marriage in Delhi is a legal process that facilitates the union of two individuals, irrespective of their religion, caste, or creed.

Unlike traditional marriages, which involve elaborate rituals and ceremonies, court marriages are conducted in the presence of a marriage registrar and witnesses, providing a straightforward legal framework for couples.

This process is grounded in the provisions of various marriage laws and the right to marry the person of one’s choice as enshrined under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

Relevant Laws for Court Marriage in Delhi

Court marriages in Delhi can be solemnized under different legal frameworks, depending on the religion and personal preferences of the couple. The primary laws governing court marriages include:

  1. Special Marriage Act, 1954: This act allows for the marriage of individuals regardless of their religion or caste, making it ideal for interfaith and intercaste marriages.
  2. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955: Applicable to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs.
  3. Anand Marriage Act, 1909: Specific to Sikh marriages.
  4. Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872: Governs the marriage and divorce of Christians in India.
  5. Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936: Applicable to Parsis.

Procedure for Court Marriage under the Special Marriage Act

The Special Marriage Act, 1954, is often used for court marriages due to its inclusive nature. The procedure involves several steps:

  1. Notice of Intended Marriage: The couple must provide a notice in writing to the Marriage Registrar of the district where at least one of the partners has resided for not less than 30 days prior to the notice.
  2. Publication of Notice: The notice is then published in the office of the Marriage Registrar, allowing for objections, if any, to be raised within a 30-day period.
  3. Objection Handling: If there are objections, the Marriage Registrar will examine them. If the objections are deemed valid, the marriage process can be halted or delayed until the objections are resolved.
  4. Declaration by the Couple and Witnesses: After the 30-day period, if no valid objections are raised, the couple and three witnesses must sign a declaration in the presence of the Marriage Registrar.
  5. Marriage Solemnization: The marriage can be solemnized at the office of the Marriage Registrar or any other place within a reasonable distance. It can be performed in any form the couple chooses, provided they say the required legal declarations.
  6. Marriage Certificate: Upon the completion of the ceremony, the Marriage Registrar issues a marriage certificate, which is a conclusive proof of marriage.

Required Documents

To proceed with a court marriage, the following documents are generally required:

  1. Application form or notice of intended marriage duly filled and signed by the couple
  2. Proof of age (birth certificate, passport, PAN card, etc.)
  3. Proof of residence (Aadhar card, voter ID, utility bills, etc.)
  4. Affidavit stating the marital status, nationality, and age of the couple
  5. Passport-sized photographs of the couple
  6. Witnesses (three) with their identification documents
  7. Divorce decree (if previously married and divorced)
  8. Death certificate of spouse (if widow/widower)

Advantages of Court Marriage

  1. Legal Recognition: The marriage is legally recognized and binding.
  2. Simplicity: The procedure is straightforward, without the need for elaborate rituals.
  3. Inclusivity: It supports interfaith and intercaste marriages.
  4. Legal Protection: Offers legal protection to the rights of both partners.


Court marriage in Delhi provides a streamlined, legally recognized process for couples wishing to marry. Governed by various laws tailored to different communities, it ensures the right to marry the person of one’s choice while providing a clear legal framework and protection. Understanding the rules and procedures can help couples navigate the process efficiently and ensure their union is recognized by the state.

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