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Marriage Registration in Delhi

Marriage Registration in Delhi

  • Delhi has only 3 working days in a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday .
  • For urgent/ Tatkal / Foreigner’s case/Arya Samaj/ Special Marriage Act cases our fee is extra.
  • As No hard copy of Marriage Registration is provided by Delhi Government, you have to take print out of the same on your own from the portal of Delhi Government.
  • Appointment can be arranged as per your convenience on working days only.
  • Witnesses can be relatives, friends, neighbours or parents.
  • Each witness has to provide 2 documents . Pan card is mandatory and one address proof.

Government Fee is directly payable at marriage registrar office on the day of appointment only through Debit/Credit card and the fee is Rs. 500/- for all the marriages solemnized before 1st May 2014.

For Marriages solemnized after April, 30th, 2014 government fee will be ₹ 500/- if marriage registration is done within 60 days of its solemnization and ₹1000/- if marriage registration is done between 61-120 days from the date of marriage and ₹1500/- if it is done after 120 days of marriage.

We made court marriage process simple. You have to share with us proper documents and follow the legal process. We do believe in client satisfaction.

Marriage can be registered at any one of the three places i.e. where the marriage is solemnised, where the wife resides or where the husband resides.

Then your file with all offline, online work and appointment slip issued by Delhi Government will be sent to you before the date of appointment.

On the day of appointment both husband, wife along with two witnesses will appear before the concerned marriage registrar with file and their ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.

The whole process takes 1-2 working days from the day you hand over complete documents With fee to us.

We have successfully provided our specialized services to numerous satisfied clients. We are highly concerned about our clients and leave no stone unturned towards complete customer satisfaction.

The Firm is an absolute amalgamation of moral values and ethics and work with absolute honesty and devotion. We provide unbiased guidance and solicitation to our clients.


Marriage registration in Delhi is a process that couples must go through in order to legally register their marriage. This process is important for couples who wish to have their marriage recognized by the government and to ensure that their rights and responsibilities are legally protected.

The process of marriage registration in Delhi is relatively straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps. The first step is to obtain a marriage certificate from the local marriage registrar. This certificate is required for the registration of the marriage. The couple must then fill out the marriage registration form and submit it to the registrar. The form must include the names of both parties, their addresses, and the date of the marriage.

Once the form is submitted, the registrar will review it and issue a marriage certificate. This certificate is valid for a period of one year and must be renewed annually. The couple must also provide proof of identity and address.

Once the marriage certificate is issued, the couple must then register their marriage with the local marriage registrar. This process involves submitting the marriage certificate and other documents such as the marriage contract and the marriage registration form. The registrar will then issue a marriage registration certificate. This certificate is valid for a period of one year and must be renewed annually.

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